Fake Coffee tea by Big Heart Tea Co.

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Box of 10 tea sachets.

During World War II, root chicory was used as a substitute for coffee due to rationing. Enjoy this tasty modern interpretation from Big Heart Tea Co. It looks and feels like a cup of coffee, but it brews like an herbaceous, chocolaty tea dream come true. Fake Coffee's energizing combination of cacao and dandelion root may just inspire you to get it done, whatever it is.

Blended and packaged in the USA by Big Heart Tea Co., St. Louis, Missouri.

Ingredients: organic cacao, organic roasted chicory, organic dandelion root, organic sweet cinnamon. (caffeine free)

Instructions: steep 1 sachet at 195˚F for 1 minute. Or, cold brew: infuse 5 sachets in 2 liters of cold water overnight, strain, and dilute with water to taste.

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