Sinews of Peace Speech (CD)

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Some of Winston Churchill's best-remembered words were uttered. not in his homeland, but on the campus of Westminster College in the rolling heartland of Missouri. Great Britain's World War II Prime Minister was out of office in 1945 when Westminster College President Franc L. McCluer invited him to the College to deliver the John Findley Green Foundation lecture on March 5th, 1946. President Harry S. Truman added his postscript to the letter of invitation: "This is a wonderful school in my home state. Hope you can do it. I'll introduce you." Churchill not only accepted; he used the occasion to warn the Western World of Russian expansion in Eastern Europe. His address, "The Sinews of Peace," came to be known as the "Iron Curtain" speech. It was Churchill's most significant postwar statement.

This CD features a digitally remastered recording of the speech as well as an introduction by Edwina Sandys, Winston Churchill's granddaughter who has a special connection to America's National Churchill Museum and Westminster College as the creator of the Berlin Wall sculpture Breakthrough.

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