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One Bite of the Apple: A Portrait of the Artist Edwina Sandys DVD

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The remarkable story of Edwina Sandys's colorful life with close-ups of her artworks in the United States and Europe, including The Marriage Bed and her controversial bronze Christia, the female Christ. Her work graces United Nations buildings, museums, corporate headquarters, and private collections. Sandys's art ranges from surrealism and graphic cartooning to monumental bronzes and marble pieces, from abstraction to high realism, from the deeply serious to the witty and provocative. 

The film interweaves two important themes: woman and her relationship to man, and spiritual and political freedom. A prime example of this is Breakthrough, created from eight sections of the Berlin Wall, installed at Westminster College, Fulton, Missouri, where Edwina's grandfather, Winston Churchill, gave his famous "Iron Curtain" speech.

This engaging biography of Edwina, filmed on location in London, New York, Florida and Missouri, was co-produced with South Carolina ETV. It was distributed nationally on PBS in 2004, and has been rebroadcast on Public Television stations since that date.

DVD run time: 57 minutes.

Senior producer: David Kennard. Producer and editor: Victoria Simpson. Executive producer for South Carolina ETV: Polly Kosko. Produced by InCA Productions and South Carolina Educational TV. ©2003 for InCA Productions and ETV for PBS.

Run time:
57 minutes

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