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Full Circle booklet

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Full Circle is a special publication of America's National Churchill Museum and Westminster College that details Mikhail Gorbachev's 6 May 1992 visit to Westminster College. Gorbachev's speech The River of Time and the Imperative of Action was a part of the John Findley Green Foundation Lecture Series, the same lectureship that brought Winston Churchill to campus in 1946.


  1. The Circle is Complete: Remarks at Westminster College by Winston Churchill, George Bush, Ronald Reagan, and Mikhail Gorbachev bring the Cold War full circle.
  2. It's Curtain Time: With 20,000 spectators and a worldwide audience looking on, Mikhail Gorbachev steps into a setting rich in historic symmetry to officially declare the Cold War over.
  3. The River of Time: Speaking from the same podium used by Winston Churchill in 1946, Mikhail Gorbachev admits the defeat of communism and calls for the growth of world democracy.