Churchill & Roosevelt: The Big Sleepover at the White House: Christmas 1941 - New Year 1942 by James Mikel Wilson

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Churchill and Roosevelt: The Big Sleepover at the White House is a book for those who enjoy history and political intrigue but prefer that the method of delivery entertain and inform. It's also written for those who enjoy reading about leadership and its applications. Many readers may not have known that Winston Churchill came to visit Franklin Roosevelt two weeks after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt insisted that Winston sleep in the White House. And that he did for almost three weeks! The two men had much in common- more than they realized, as the reader will discover. There are plenty of other surprises along the way- a chance encounter with Hitler, a fishing expedition, a shared mentor, a favorite movie, a movie production spy, Commander Ian Fleming's visit to the Oval Office, and canine diplomacy to name but a few. During their time together, Churchill and Roosevelt shared many private moments as they forged a bond of friendship, trust, and cooperation that enabled them to defeat their countries' common enemies. How their relationship evolved is dramatized and personified in this book. Most of the narrative is based on documentation but what went on behind the view of the public eye is subject to the imagination. The author fleshes out the story by coloring it with conversations that may have occurred but that are not necessarily provable. Lastly, the writer sets out to humanize these two epic leaders of their time and perhaps the century. He reveals not only their fears and tears but also their  joys, humor, passions, temperaments, and schemes. He attempts to "break into their minds" as the two men join together intent on saving the Western World.  

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